Home is Where the Heart is ...

We Guide our clients through the complicated process of buying their home with our 4 Phase Buyer Process.

Phase One: Discovery

Identifying Your Goals

– What is your motivation to buy?

– What is your ideal price range?

– What is your desired move

in date?

– What are your must haves?

– What are you looking for in a



Planning & Preparation

– Discuss objectives and process

with your Realtor

– Select a lender and begin loan

approval process

– Obtain a loan approval letter

– Sign exclusive buyer-broker



Knowing the Market

– Analysis of active, pending and

sold transactions

– Review contracts and timelines

– Personal timing and seasonal


– Supply v. demand /

macro v. micro

Phase Two: Offer

Finding Your Home

– Browse and narrow down online


– Which online websites work

– Notification of new and

off-market properties

– Attend Open Houses with your


– Start local and fan out


Offers & Negotiation Strategies

– Knowing the Purchase Contract

– Our multiple offer strategy

– Presenting your offer to win

– Negotiate to optimize price

and terms

– Define offer acceptance criteria

Phase Three: Escrow

Closing Process

– Start the closing process


– Defining what money is

due when

– Notify lender to begin loan

process and appraisal

– Contact insurance regarding

homeowner coverage


Inspections & Disclosures

– Schedule all desired home


– Review all disclosures

and reports

– Approve and negotiate repairs

based on inspection

– Review and acknowledge all

seller and state required


– Review and acknowledge

preliminary title report

– Meet deadlines and remove

contractual contingencies

Phase Four: Closing


– Schedule final walk-through prior

to close

– Review the closing statements

– Meet to sign loan documents

– Arrange to wire down payment,

closing costs

– Transfer utilities to new home

– Closing, key delivery and


– Move in to the property

– Move-in checklist


Continuing the Relationship

– Staying in touch and keeping

you informed

– Second homes and investment


– Providing resources and


– Referrals and reviews