Understanding FIRPTA

FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax) is a tax law passed in 1981 that requires buyers to withhold payments to sellers on U.S. real estate unless an exception applies. The duty is on the buyer (and not the settlement agent) to deduct and remit a portion of the sales price along with the appropriate […]

Treasure Hunter Finds Gold Hoard Buried by Iron Age Chieftain

The stash might have links to the Norse god Odin. The sixth-century hoard contained many gold artifacts with elaborate designs. (Image credit: Conservation Center Vejle) An amateur treasure hunter wielding a metal detector has discovered a stunning gold hoard buried by an Iron Age chieftain in the sixth century in what is now Denmark. The […]

Winged Microchip Is Smallest Ever Manmade Flying Structure

Winged Microchip Is Smallest-Ever Human-Made Flying Structure – The Size of a Grain of Sand A 3D microflier sits next to a common ant to show scale. Credit: Northwestern University The size of a grain of sand, dispersed microfliers could monitor air pollution, airborne disease, and environmental contamination. Northwestern University engineers have added a new capability […]