How We Did It, Safely and With Less Stress?

Our clients had been keeping their eye on the Palo Market for some time.

We set up a search and spotted an off-market diamond in the rough, in the Midtown area, that checked all of their boxes and they knew this was the perfect home for them.

The property was a trust sale and the trustees wanted to expose the property to the open market to allow more buyers to discover the property.

There was some competition with 3 other offers being made. Lenders and insurance companies were tightening their appraisal and insurance requirements due to the wildfires currently surrounding the bay area.

With this information, we made a great plan and wrote a strong all cash, as-is offer closing in one week.  With Jackie’s advice, our clients were successful in getting their offer accepted.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your home buying process!

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