Red, White and Blue Wine Spritzer

This is a light and refreshing “be careful because it’s easy to suck down quickly” concoction.  There is also not much fuss in making it which the hostess in me really appreciates.  Of course, you can enjoy this any time of the year but next week, in particular, it will be ideal for the occasion.  Cheers to fireworks, independence, and the acceptance of the wine spritzer.


  • 1 cup simple syrup (1 part sugar plus 1 part water, boiled until dissolved and cooled)
  • ½ cup fresh strawberries (sliced in half)
  • ½ cup fresh blueberries
  • 1 bottle dry white wine
  • club soda or tonic water
  • ice
  • few sprigs of fresh mint for garnish
  1. Fill Pitcher with ice and top with berries (save some to place in glasses).
  2. Pour in simple syrup and then wine until the pitcher is ¾ full.
  3. Top off with club soda or tonic water, stir and serve in ice-filled glasses. Garnish with mint sprig.
Serving size: 4

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