Lamborghini Retires NA V12 With Invencible And Autentica One-Offs

Published: April 5, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff


Iconoclastic exotic sports car concern Lamborghini is again making noise about ceasing production of its V12 engine. But, in its latest apparent bow to progress, the company is departing the field with honor by sending the powerhouse out in style with a pair of one-off models, the Invencible [sic., spell check] — featuring a coupe body style — and it’s open-air partner in transgressive thrills, the Auténtica.

According to Lamborghini’s press release, the V12-loaded pair was designed and built for a special client with a long association with the firm’s Centro Stile customization-and-dream-realization division. The character is clearly well-heeled, but the duo are likely intended for careful storage as singular assets, individually quite valuable but worth a king’s ransom in ten years as a set. Lamborghini declares them ‘completely bespoke.’

Both cars feature a carbon fiber monocoque, body, and cockpit accents. Lambo’s signature honeycomb pattern is frequently in sight as well. Color-wise, the Invencible is finished in a black-on-blood-red scheme; the colors of the Italian flag emerge on doors, steering wheel and interior. The coupe’s roofless sibling is dressed in matte black on ‘Titans’ gray with a Taurus yellow, black and grey interior.

What’s on the horizon for Lamborghini? According to the recent press release on the V12 one-off pair, the company’s first hybrid, a story that is only weeks away.

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