January 2023 Market Report

Report from Jackie Schoelerman

Welcome to the Monthly Market Report for January 2023. It is a new year, there is new possibilities, new opportunities, and we’re going to talk about some of those today as we look at where we are at right now, what is ahead, and what we can do to be productive and successful in the new year.
In our business, we have been on the straightaway for the last couple of years, and we are clearly in the turn right now. But when we come to the turn, we would panic, we would hit the brakes, and we would hit the wall and we would crash.
Certainly, in any business, as you enter a turn in any market, the best leaders slow down. If they are in a race car, they downshift, they pick their line, and they accelerate through that turn into the next straightaway. And that is what we are heading towards. I would not want you to miss this. Our business is no different.
I think it is all about understanding and mastering the turn, having the tools, having the mindset, and having the plan that help you navigate through it.
As always, we want to give you the resources you need to make great decisions, to be informed, to be the confident that you need to be. We will be back next month with a Monthly Market Report. As always, we are grateful for you investing this time into understanding what it looks like to master the turn and the opportunity this year brings. Happy New Year, and we will see you back next month.

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