Home is Where the Heart is ...

We Guide our clients through the complicated process of selling their home with our 4 Phase Selling Process.

Home Seller Guide

Phase One: Discovery

Defining A Win

– Outlining your objectives

– What is your motivation?

– What is your ideal moving date?

– Where are you moving?

– What is most important to you?


Knowing The Market

– Market Dynamics:

Macro v. Micro

– Market Forces:

Supply v. Demand

– The Numbers:

Where is the market


– Analysis of actives, pendings,



The Strategic Plan

– Outline features and benefits

– Determining your key


– Establish target market and

buyer profile

– Our buyer attraction strategy

Phase Two: PreLaunch

Listing Details

– Complete documentation &


– Discuss property improvements

– Our staging strategy

– Photography and media

– Working backwards from launch


Preparing for Launch

– Property launch materials

– Traditional advertising

– Our digital plan

– Social media strategy

– The Kingston Lane advantage

– Open house strategy

– Direct mail and community


Phase Three: Launch

Introducing The Property

– Launching the marketing plan

– Identifying your potential buyer

– Showing the property

– Monitor interest and feedback

– Weekly reports, updates, &


– Adapting to changes in the

market place


The Negotiation Process

– Collect written offers

– Deep offer analysis

– Strategically respond to offers

– Negotiate to optimize price and


– Our multiple offer process

– Back up strategies

Phase Four: Closing

The Closing Process

– Execute the contracts

– Complete disclosures

– The contingency periods

– Fulfill duties & responsibilities



– Transitioning from the property

– Final documentation

– The final 10 days

– Closing and celebration


Working Together Again

– Following up & keeping in touch

– Second homes & investment


– Providing resources

– Feedback, testimonials, &


– Our raving fan process