If you have specific knowledge, you must disclose

✅ What comes with the property?

✅ What features does the property include?

✅ Are there any significant defects?

✅ Are there any hazardous materials or conditions?

✅ Are there any disputes with neighbors or local municipalities?

✅ Are there any neighborhood noise problems or nuisances?

✅ Are there any organizations that have authority over your property?

✅ Are there any entities close to your property that might affect the value?

✅ Can you think of anything else the buyer should know?

As we say around here, good process drives good results. If you are thinking of selling and are unsure of where to start, I can guide you through the journey. All I need is your destination and I will be your GPS to get you there.

👉 DM me “GPS” to 650-855-9700 and schedule a 15-minute strategy.